Credit: Glamour Dolls/Lisa Frank

When news of a Glamour Dolls and Lisa Frank makeup collection was in the works, we collectively lost our minds. Makeup styled after the magical rainbow folders and school supplies of our youth? That puts fidget spinners to shame. The collaboration launched a Kickstarter campaign back in February to create a six-piece limited-edition collection, and since then, it’s raised over $370,000. FYI, the original goal was only $30,000!

While the products don’t ship until September, the brand has been slowly releasing the final packaging so you have something to freak out over before actually getting your hands on the goods. First came the unicorn brush, and now, Glamour Dolls took to Twitter to share the gorgeous images of the eyeshadow singles.

Credit: Courtesy

One compact features a rainbow illustration of an eye, while the other is purple, has hearts all over it (because of course), and is signed “xoxo Lisa Frank.”

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No word on what the colors will consist of so far, but we wouldn’t be mad at a shimmery pink or a red featuring an imprint of that super cool hummingbird.