Beauty bravery at its best.
Credit: Getty

Beauty vlogger Shani Grimmond impresses us with her makeup wielding skills on the reg, but when she decided to attempt the liquid lipstick beauty challenge (meaning she did her entire face in the stuff), we were a teensy bit skeptical. Other social media stars have accepted the same challenge and succeeded, but it cannot be easy to blend the thick texture of a liquid lipstick into the skin, so there were concerns.

In fairness, even Grimmond was worried this would be a massive fail. She carefully selected shades of liquid lipstick to complement her skin tone, like using Dose of Color's Liquid Lipstick in Sand to match her complexion, and used a fluffy foundation brush to blend it in.

The 19-year-old also admitted that she was going to hit the shower immediately after finishing the challenge because while she wanted to give it a try, she didn't want the end result to be massive breakouts on her skin the next day.

So did Grimmond pulll it off? Watch the video and see for yourself. While the Australian beauty may think she resembles "a tomato," we're uber impressed with the finished product. Stunning, lady. Now go wash your face!