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Do you hear that? That's the sound of be beauty community buzzing about two new, very colorful, very shiny launches from one brand. We're talking about Lime Crime's much anticipated Metallic Velvetine liquid lipsticks, launched this week, and their super-duper, ultra shiny Superfoil eyeshadows, released last week. The brand is known for its kitschy, brightly packaging and unconventional colors, and the new offerings certainly don't disappoint in that regard.

Let's first talk about the Superfoil Eyeshadows ($18, Lime Crime), which seems like a game-changing product for anyone who wants their lids to actually look like liquid foil, or at the very least, shimmery.

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Apparently, these can be used wet or dry, come in sets of two colors, and boast a mesmerizing level of shimmer and glitter and shine. There are six options to choose from, including Lawn/Flamingo (grass green/bubblegum pink), Electric/Barbarella (dusty purple/pewter), Tutu/En Pointe (bright purple/pale pink), Cosmic/Firefly (violet/green gold), Gilded Carriage/Glass Slipper (bronze-y gold/baby blue), and Malibu/Convertible (bright blue/Barbie pink).

Lime Crime's three newest additions to their roster of Velvetine liquid lipsticks are different from the rest in that they pack a major punch of glitter. The Metallic Velvetines ($20, Lime Crime) go on wet and dry to a matte finish, and there are three colors to choose from: Blondie (bubblegum pink rose gold), Mercury (purple metallic mauve), Lana (burnished bronze).

We might need someone to confiscate our wallets because it's really hard not to add every single one to our shopping carts... #sendhelp