Lancome Setting Spray Mascara Summer

This Celeb-Approved Makeup Spray Kept My Mascara Intact in 90-Degree Weather

And I have proof.
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Putting on makeup on a steamy summer day can sometimes feel like sliding ice cream on a sizzling griddle. Not only can the best mascara, concealer, and foundation feel stuffy under the sun, but they can easily melt away when the humidity hits. As someone who can't handle sweaty weather, I've always dreaded having to put on makeup whenever June rolls around. At least until I found the one thing that manages to keep my mascara on for hours. 

I've always been a little skeptical of makeup setting sprays — I mean, something that keeps your makeup on no matter what? The distrustful New Yorker in me can't help but arch her eyebrows. However, my opinion was roundly reversed when my mascara and concealer lasted a whole day through a New York City heatwave and a sweaty yoga session by using Lancôme's Fix It Forget It Hydrating Setting Spray

Fix It Forget It Setting Spray LANCÔME

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You'd be right in thinking that this cult-favorite product sounds familiar: It was used for Lancôme spokesperson Penélope Cruz's stunning Oscars beauty look by makeup artist Hung Vanngo back in February. Ever since seeing her literally glowing makeup look, I've had it in my mind. So when an occasion to put on makeup during last weekend's 90-something-degree weather came up for me, I realized it was perfect timing to test out this spray. 

Before heading to a small picnic with friends (social distancing-style, of course), I decided to put on Hourglass' mascara, Milk Makeup's concealer over my acne scars, and some Anastasia Brow Wiz for what would be the first time in months. I had expected my makeup to be completely gone after embarrassingly sweating nonstop while sitting under the sun, but when I saw that it was still in place, I grew cautiously optimistic — and then I went home and did a sweaty vinyasa yoga session. 

Lancome Setting Spray Mascara Summer
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When I realized my eye makeup still looked just as fresh as it was in the morning, I was stunned. It's hard for any mascara not to crease on my hooded eyelids — nevermind in humid weather — so I was in disbelief to see that the spray kept my eyes smudge-free. My concealer didn't melt away either, and I even got complimented on my eyebrows when I video-chatted with my family after dinner. 

Needless to say, this makeup setting spray has earned a spot in my makeup routine. I'm not the only one who swears by it, though: Sephora shoppers have given it a 92 percent recommendation rating, with some calling it a product that "lives up to its name." Even reviewers on Nordstrom have raved about it, and a shopper said that it "makes makeup look its best."

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