The Lip Kits just keep on comin'.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Oct 10, 2016 @ 9:30 am
Kylie Jenner - Lead
Credit: Michael Stewart/Getty

Last week Kylie Jenner tipped us off to her upcoming fall Lip Kit launches with a teaser of Pumpkin, a burnt orange shade that is oh-so-perfect for pairing with autumnal colors. But the big news dropped on Saturday when the reality star debuted all four hues, including one that's particularly bold.

Trick is a pearlescent-looking teal that is definitely not for a faint of heart beauty enthusiast. While we've already seen Jenner rock Pumpkin in an Insta photo, we're dying to see what she pairs with Trick (and we know it's going to be gorgeous).

All four new Lip Kits (Pumpkin, Trick, Moon, and Spice) will launch on October 12 at 3 PM EST, so if you have your heart set on a moody teal lip, poppin' orange pucker, sultry neutral, or romantic berry, we suggest you start hovering over the Kyie Cosmetics website now.

None of these beauties ever last long.