The eyes are the windows to the soul after all.
Kylie Jenner Blonde Instagram
Credit: kyliejenner/instagram

Seeing Kylie Jenner sport a new hair color isn't really a surprise. That girl has a wig closet bigger than our actual closets. The KarJenners also experiment with lengths and completely different styles on the reg. Like, remember that time we thought both Kim and Kylie got bobs? Or that other time Kendall got bangs and looked just like her mom? Defined #Twinnies.

However, when she actually dyed her dark hair a bright platinum blonde, we were all a little shocked. But while we've been understandably uber distracted with Kylie's new look, she's been low-key killing the eye makeup game. Those lashes? You can't miss 'em.

Once you take a minute to get over Kylie's new hair, please pay attention to her makeup because she is killing it.

She went with subtle and natural colors for her makeup, which strategically makes her hair the star, but that def. doesn't mean we overlooked the shadow. Kylie rocked a smoky eye, which had some teeny-tiny sparkles that ended up turning her lids into disco balls when the lighting got darker.

While these aren't shades we recognize from her Kyshadow palette, she does have a tendency to secretly wear her new products for weeks before she unveils them, so here's to hoping? It could also just be yet another way to wear her dynamite products.

We've only just started New York Fashion Week and Kylie has already blown us away several times, so we can't wait to see what else she has in store.