Long live the #summersurprises!
Kylie Jenner Eyeshadow Instagram
Credit: kyliejenner/instagram

At this point we're p. sure Kylie is trying to overload us with excitement. First, with all of the new glosses and Lip Kits, and now, with the addition of her Kyshadow Palette. Seriously, how much more hype can one person take? And while you've been busy calming yourself down (or at least attempting to do so) over the bronze eyeshadow palette reveal, Kylie has been dropping mad hints about her future palette plans.

On her snap story, Kylie assures us that there are still more #summersurprises yet to come. She says, "I'm so glad you guys love the eyeshadow palette. It was really important for me to release the bronze palette first." First..? Hold up a sec.

"And I'm currently working on my fourth palette, so I'm really excited for you guys to see those," she says. OK, wait. If you do the math, that means that there should be three more eyeshadow palettes on the way.

Three! And with all the talk about her #summersurprises, maybe we'll be seeing another palette sooner rather than later.

Um, yes. Kyshadow Palettes for days.