The next step in her global domination, obviously. 
Kylie Jenner - September 10, 2016
Credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage

A few months ago, Kylie posted a few videos on Snapchat while she was checking out retail spaces for a potential Kylie Cosmetics store. We were completely freaking out obviously super pumped when we saw the clip, but to be completely honest, we had kind of forgotten about it until today when she low-key confirmed the shop in an interview on her app.

Seems like that store—of which we can only assume will be filled with hundreds and hundreds of Lip Kits—is definitely happening.

I think this is worthy of a celebratory Kyliner purchase, no?

Kylie took to Kylie Radio to do an in-depth interview/update on all things Kylie, thankfully with an emphasis on Kylie Cosmetics.

During said interview, Kylie was super cryptic but still confirmed that we should "watch out for a Kylie Cosmetics store," adding in that's all she could reveal at the moment.

I mean, it doesn't get more legit than that, right? OK, maybe an Instagram Story tour of the actual building, but we're not gonna push it.

So all we can do on that front is wait. But giving us even more joy to look forward to, Kylie made another announcement saying we should expect to see her fall colors next month.

Lastly, Kylie talked about where her obsession with makeup began.

"I've always been obsessed with makeup. In middle school, I used to watch tutorials on YouTube and beg my friends to do their makeup. Now that I have Kylie Cosmetics and it's been so successful and we're not even one-year old yet, it's so wild and a dream come true! Every day I'm in shock, it's so cool! We joke that one day people will write books about the business! And next year will be even bigger for Kylie Cosmetics!"

We weren't sure that Kylie Cosmetics could even get any bigger, but hey, that girl knows what she's doing.