I Tried the Liquid Contour Product That's Taking Over TikTok

Here’s my honest review.

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I Tried the Liquid Contour Product That’s Taking Over TikTok
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As someone who grew up in the heyday of beauty gurus on YouTube, I've always considered influencer makeup recommendations to be as good as gold. If YouTube queen Bethany Mota said I needed a specific shade of blush, you bet your boots my middle school self was forcing my mom to drive me to the drug store the very next day. So it's only natural that, as TikTok has delivered the new wave of beauty influencers (and therefore, tons of viral makeup recs), I've accumulated quite the list of new products I'm convinced will somehow change my life.

When it comes to the TikTok-approved beauty product hierarchy, I think it's safe to say the coveted and elusive Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand has cemented its place at the top: Coveted because everyone wants it, and elusive because it's almost always sold out. When influencers started flooding my feed claiming the KVD Beauty ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour delivered a blendable, bronzy glow at an affordable price point (just $26 for .57 fluid ounces, compared to the wand's $40) and it was still in stock, I just had to get my hands on it.

ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour

Shop now: $26; kvdveganbeauty.com

I know this may sound dramatic, but the liquid contour has single-handedly transformed my makeup routine. I've always craved a certain level of bronze in my everyday look (think: modestly-tanned beach goddess), and this product delivered all that I wanted, and then some. I fell in love with the lightweight formula upon first application, but once my mom commented that my makeup had never looked better — KVD Beauty's contour being the only new introduction to my lineup — this product skyrocketed straight to "holy grail" level.

I Tried the Liquid Contour Product That’s Taking Over TikTok
Courtesy/ Averi Baudler

What I love most about the KVD Beauty contour is how easy it is to use, and how effortlessly it blends into my skin. I simply dab a few dots of the Light-Medium shade onto the tops of my cheekbones, my forehead, and the bridge of my nose, and blend lightly with a basic foundation brush for at most 15 seconds. Suddenly, I'm left with a bronzed and snatched look that would rival the Hadid sisters themselves. Plus, it looks flawless when applied both over foundation or directly onto bare skin, stays on all day, and has never looked patchy (which is something I've dealt with when using other cream or liquid contours).

Out of every contour I've ever used, dating all the way back to my middle school days, KVD Beauty's ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour tops the list as my number one favorite. And with a price tag of just $26 and eight different shades to choose from, the contour would make a worthy addition to the collections of makeup novices and seasoned professionals alike.

Save yourself the work of scrolling through beauty TikTok for hours: If you've been looking for a product that will take your makeup to the next level, I'd grab this liquid contour while it's still in stock.

Shop now: $26; kvdveganbeauty.com

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