Kryolan Halloween Kit - Lead 2016
Credit: kryolanofficial/Instagram

Kryolan is about to make your life so much easier—and your costume makeup way better—with pre-packaged Halloween makeup kits. Because as much as we dig the mini Snickers that come along with this holiday, getting together a clever costume with a beauty look to match is the definition of stress.

Each one has hand-picked items to help you complete whatever look you're going for, as well as detailed instructions to help you #nailit.

There are numerous kits to choose from, including a Pop Art Gal, Fiery Skull, Fairy Girl, Sugar Skull, Zombie, and Crazy Doll Kit. To give you a better idea of what all is included in each, the Zombie kit (which costs $69 and is easily the creepiest. Srsly, it might be too scary), contains Fresh Scratch, Cine-Wax, Liquid Latex, F/X Blood, Tooth Enamel and Spirit Gum, and more.

To compare, the Sugar Skull Kit ($54 and pretty glam, if you ask us), comes with Aquacolor, body jewels, Multi-Gel Glitter, Supracolor Clown White, powder and makeup sponges, and brushes.

Kryolan Halloween Kit - Embed 2016
Credit: Courtesy

Already have all the makeup you need for one of these looks? Well, you can at least get a tutorial from the Kryolan website. Each set of instructions for all four kits is available online for anyone to use.

We foresee many compliments and spooked friends at whatever Halloween party you're hitting this year.