By Wendy Rose Gould
Oct 13, 2016 @ 11:00 am

Kryolan is about to make your life so much easier—and your costume makeup way better—with pre-packaged Halloween makeup kits. Because as much as we dig the mini Snickers that come along with this holiday, getting together a clever costume with a beauty look to match is the definition of stress. 

Each one has hand-picked items to help you complete whatever look you're going for, as well as detailed instructions to help you #nailit.

There are numerous kits to choose from, including a Pop Art Gal, Fiery Skull, Fairy Girl, Sugar Skull, Zombie, and Crazy Doll Kit. To give you a better idea of what all is included in each, the Zombie kit (which costs $69 and is easily the creepiest. Srsly, it might be too scary), contains Fresh Scratch, Cine-Wax, Liquid Latex, F/X Blood, Tooth Enamel and Spirit Gum, and more.

To compare, the Sugar Skull Kit ($54 and pretty glam, if you ask us), comes with Aquacolor, body jewels, Multi-Gel Glitter, Supracolor Clown White, powder and makeup sponges, and brushes.


Already have all the makeup you need for one of these looks? Well, you can at least get a tutorial from the Kryolan website. Each set of instructions for all four kits is available online for anyone to use.

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We foresee many compliments and spooked friends at whatever Halloween party you're hitting this year.