Credit: Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

Some things are better in practice than they are in theory, like going to the gym or like red eyeshadow. The thought of red eyeshadow is somewhat frightening — things have the potential of going from zero-to-pinkeye real quick. But Kristen Stewart is here to calm your fears and proves that red eyeshadow A) works B) is a serious look. Kristen's makeup artist, Kate Lee, shared a photo of Kristen Stewart's red-eye red carpet look on her Instagram.

A photo posted by Kate Lee (@kateleemakeup) on May 17, 2016 at 2:28pm PDT

First of all, shout out to her makeup artist for pairing Kristen's green eyes with a red eyeshadow — it's literally genius. The rest of the look is really clean and simple — strong brows, clean face, and neutral glossy lips. Now to rummage through our eyeshadow palettes for a good red...