By Erin Lukas
Updated May 11, 2018 @ 11:30 am
Credit: Kris Jenner/Kylie Cosmetics via Instagram

Kris Jenner isn't a regular mom, she's a momager—and the inimitable mastermind behind the Kardashian-Jenner family empire. Her job seems intense, and the amount of business meetings she takes in a week probably surpasses how many I've had to attend over the course of my entire career.

On Tuesday, Jenner added another project to her workload. She took over the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, renaming it "Kris Cosmetics," to announce her makeup collection with her daughter's brand. The collaboration is dropping on Mother's Day, of course.

The self-aware collection is packaged with Kris Emojis and its shades are named after some of Kris's most hilarious one-liners from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The "Your Sister's Going to Jail" and "I Raised You on Mac N' Cheese" highlighters from the "You're Doing Amazing Sweetie!!" pressed-powder palette are my personal favorites.

Ahead of the collection's launch, InStyle spoke with Kris and Kylie about who came up with the idea for the collection, how the mother-daughter duo decided on the products' names, and what they're doing for Kylie's first Mother's Day.

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How did the idea of announcing Kris's collection by hacking the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram come about, and how do you feel about the reaction?

Kylie: I actually came up with the idea to do the Kris Collection when I was pregnant. I had a lot more time on my hands and I put all my focus towards Kylie Cosmetics. This collection was super organic. I thought of the idea and how amazing it would be to make it funny and do a whole Kris takeover. We just had a lot of fun with this collection. There's been such a great response.

Kylie, do you ever give Kris social media tips? Her first time swatching makeup shades was pretty impressive.

Kylie: She follows me on social media, of course. She sees all of my reveals. I get excited, too. I'm like, "My reveal's today, make sure to look at my Snapchat!" I actually didn't give her any tips. She surprised me and was really good at it.

How did you decide on what products to include in the collection, and which of Kris's one-liners to use for the shade names? She has so many good ones.

Kylie: She thought of all the names herself. I had to step out for two minutes during the meeting about the names. When I came back, she already picked all of them. She was so excited to read them to me and they were so funny. As for the actual products in the collection, we made her favorite lip color and lip liner. We wanted to make everything authentic to the Kris Jenner look and her signature smoky eye.

Both of you have your own signature beauty looks. What products have you stolen from each other?

Kris: My daughters have probably stolen every single piece of makeup I've owned in my entire life since they were little. Kylie was always playing around with my makeup and would be so excited when I got new things. She got so good at it at such a young age.

Kris, now that most of your children have their own kids, how is being a grandma different than being a mom?

Kris: Well, being a grandmother takes a bit of restraint. I'm always telling my kids what to do. I've been a mom for almost 40 years. But being a grandmother is really quite delightful because I can go see the kids and then I can go home. I know everybody says that and it's such a cliché, but it's true. It's really fun to be able to see my grandkids grow up but take a different role. I still feel connected and responsible because we all live about a block away from each other. I see them all the time, but it's just a different relationship and I love it.

Your kids have so much going on and you have your own projects, too, but you always seem to have everything under control. What do you do to manage anxiety and stress?

Kris: Every once and awhile I'll get a massage, and from time to time go on a family vacation, or travel somewhere to break up the drama. But the truth is we all just love being together. Because we love what we do, it's not as stressful as it seems sometimes, and we're all here to support each other, so that really helps.

The collection is tied to Mother's Day, which is this Sunday. Kylie, what are you looking forward to for your first Mother's Day?

Kylie: Well, I've never experienced a Mother's Day before so I don't really know what to expect, but I think Travis [Scott] has something planned.

Do you have any Mother's Day traditions as a family?

Kris: We play it by ear every year. We usually do a brunch or dinner depending on what everyone has going on, but we're always together.

The Kris x Kylie Cosmetics collection will be available Sunday, May 13th, at 3p.m. PST at