Kosas' first-ever mascara was love at first swipe.

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Kosas The Big Clean Mascara
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For me and Kosas' first-ever mascara, it was love at first swipe.

There are so many mascaras out there, and while there are dozens of good ones, it's been rare for me to find a formula that has made me say, "Wow" right off the bat — and trust me, I've tried a lot. But with this product, I can't stop admiring my now long, voluminous lashes in the mirror.

Aptly named The Big Clean, Kosas' mascara delivers big, fluffy, curled lashes, and major color payoff, thanks to pure, intense black pigment. The name comes from the clean makeup brand "sweeping" the formula of any controversial ingredients typically found in mascaras such as microplastics.

In addition to volumizing my sad, thin lashes, the body-building formula also contains conditioning ingredients typically found in some of the most popular lash serums on the market, such as castor oil, provitamin B5, biotinyl tripeptide, botanical waxes, and shea butter, all at serum concentration.

Kosas founder Sheena Yaitaines was inspired to formulate the brand's first mascara with these lash care ingredients after experiencing hair loss in her eyebrows while pregnant. Plus, if you've ever used any of Kosas' makeup products, you know each one is formulated with tried-and-true ingredients from your favorite skincare products to further benefit your skin.

Kosas The Big Clean Mascara
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To buy: $26; kosas.com.

Dr. Debra Jaliman, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City confirms that these lash-conditioning ingredients can promote the ideal setting for hair growth.

"Castor oil is extremely moisturizing, stimulates hair growth, and deeply conditions hair and lashes," the MD tells me. "Its high concentration of fatty acids helps with keeping the hair moisturized, and castor oil can help to stimulate the hair follicles to promote lash growth."

Provitamin B5 is also moisturizing and can add thickness and fullness to the hair. Biotinyl tripeptide targets the skin cells of the lashes, and Dr. Jaliman says that it aids in creating a healthy foundation for lashes. Plus, these ingredients are safe for all skin types and don't pose any risk of irritation.

And while you won't get results over night, Dr. Jaliman says you can see some improvement in your lashes within a few weeks.

Kosas The Big Clean Mascara
Credit: Erin Lukas

There's no right or wrong way to angle a mascara brush, but I prefer to use The Big Clean with the brush's curve facing down. The brand's so-called "rainbow shaped" applicator has flexible, yet firm bristles to ensure you can cover every single lash hair when you're applying the mascara.

One coat gave me definition and volume, but I layered on three more coats to get a fluffier finish. And despite the first coat being completely dry, I was still able to apply additional layers without the formula flaking or getting clumpy.

I'm chalking this up to the conditioning lash care ingredients in the formula.

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Since I was sent a sample of The Big Clean by Kosas to test a week or so ahead of its Aug. 25 launch, I can't say if the serum concentrations of the lash-conditioning ingredients in the formula have made any difference to the health of my lashes.

However, considering The Big Clean gives me thick, fluffy, and smudge-free lashes, I plan on continuing to use it to find out.

Kosas' The Big Clean mascara is available for $26 at kosas.com, sephora.com, and Sephora store locations.