I'm Picky With Eyebrow Pencils, but This One Gives Me Sculpted Arches in Seconds

And the packaging makes my Lisa Frank-loving heart smile.

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This Brow Pencil Reliably Gives Me Sculpted Arches Within Seconds
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Not to delve too deeply into my trauma, but when I was younger, I pulled out a ton of eyebrow hairs thanks to an OCD-related condition called dermatillomania. In combination with unmanaged seborrheic dermatitis, it wasn't a good time for me — or my brows. I got an eyebrow transplant in 2018, but most days, I still feel the need to fill in my sparse spots. Needless to say, I've gone through many brow products over the years — which is where Kosas' Brow Pop pencil comes into play, and my solemn testimony that it's one of the best.

For starters, the packaging is really frigging cute. The lavender plastic would fit right into a Lisa Frank pencil pouch of yore, and the see-through aspect (like all the coolest phones – shout-out to my fellow millennials) means it's easy to see when the pencil is running low. That said, I wish the company would commit to recycled materials, especially as a seemingly conscientious clean beauty brand.

I'm picky when it comes to brow pencils and find that few are soft enough. I hate when you have to press down so hard, you can see brow hairs pull away from the root with the pencil's tip (talk about counterproductive). Kosas', on the other hand, goes on easily with light strokes in a pigment that's both sheer but buildable. It's also infused with growth-supporting castor oil and nourishing panthenol, vitamin E, and jojoba oil.

Brow Pop

Shop now: $24; kosas.com, credobeauty.com, and sephora.com

I love the included spoolie, and the fact that this pencil is mechanical, so you never have to sharpen it. When I want a sharper edge, I twist up the pencil and reveal a perfectly pointed tip that's ready for use. The product gets a small ding because I haven't been able to roll the pencil down, but it does de-escalate with soft pressure. The result is realistic-looking hairs and sculpted brows, and for me, the confidence to wear no other makeup when going about my day.

If you'd like to try Kosas' Brow Pop, it's available in 10 shades for $24 at Kosas' website, Credo Beauty, and Sephora.

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