I've Tried Dozens of Brow Gels and This One Gives Me the Fullest, Fluffiest Brows

It's Kosas Air Brow for me from here on out.

Eyebrow grooming tips on the internet will tell you that your brows are supposed to be sisters, not twins. Mine look like estranged third cousins twice removed. (A decade of waxing will do that to you.)

While my brows aren't exactly '90s-era pencil thin, they're definitely not as thick and full as I'd now like them to be. My brows don't grow — seriously I never have to trim overgrown hairs or pluck them back into shape. I only have to take a tweezer to the few odd stray hairs that pop up every couple of months.

My brow routine may be low-maintenance, but that means I'm stuck with the same shape I've had since I stopped getting my eyebrows waxed a decade ago. That's where a solid brow gel like Kosas' Air Brow comes in.

Along with a brow pencil, the clean beauty brand just launched this volumizing gel infused with active ingredients found in haircare to condition and promote the health of brows. While I can't speak as to whether the formula's castor oil, panthenol provitamin B5, and biotinoyl tripeptide-1 are doing anything in terms of hair growth (because I've only been using Air Brow for about a week after the brand sent me a sample ahead of the launch) it does instantly make my brows look full and fluffy, thanks to plant-based microfibers.

Kosas Air Brow Gel Review

To shop: $22; kosas.com

The tapered spoolie brush allows for precise application from the inner corner to the tail without getting any product on your skin. I'm left with voluminous arches every single time that don't get crunchy or hard once the gel dries down.

Now let's get into the tint.

Even though brow products have evolved in the past couple of years, it can still be tricky to find the right shade depending on your hair color — especially if you're a redhead, deep brunette, or naturally gray. Kosas has made tints for all three hair colors.

As a natural brunette who dyes their hair darker, finding a deep brown brow gel with cool undertones can still be tricky. Some shades are too gray, while others are too blue, verging on black. Kosas' Dark Brown is the perfect rich, deep brown with neutral undertones.

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I guess the efficacy of this brow gel means my eyebrows have now been upgraded to second cousins.

Good to Go used to be the column where we'd share the beauty products we can't travel without. But while travel's off the table, we'll be focusing on products that make us feel good in quarantine. This month, why Kosas' Air Brow is perfect for grooming your brows at home.

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