Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian West has mastered the selfie, the naked dress, and basically the entire Internet. But one thing she definitely, without a doubt, has not perfected? Makeup swatching.

Now an art form in and of itself, makeup swatching, for those unfamiliar, is when you apply product to your arm or hand to see what the pigment shows up like on skin, or how it looks on certain skin tone. Kylie Jenner does it almost every single time she releases a new product, and some of your favorite beauty brands’ Instagrams, like Anastasia Beverly Hills and LORAC, feature it on the reg.

Kardashian took to Instagram Stories to attempt (keyword) to use the technique to show off her new KKW Beauty Powder Contour Kits, and her fans, including YouTube sensation Jeffree Star have decided she failed miserably.

Kim Kardashian Makeup - Embed 4
Credit: kimkardashian/Instagram

The swatches are a little splotchy, and she doesn’t exactly draw on the straightest lines, but we give Kim K.W. props for trying.

Quickly though, the celebrity caught on to her fans critiques and even acknowledged her sloppy skills just signify that she's still learning. "Your f—king comments about my awful swatches are stressing me the f—k out," she said on Instagram stories, before pointing to the stress zit that popped up on her chin.

Kim Kardashian Makeup - Embed 2
Credit: kimkardashian/Instagram

Her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic even agreed. "You guys, I was dying at her swatches today," he said.

Luckily, the legendary @makeupbymario was able to pull Kim K.W. aside and give her a few lessons, and she sort of improved.

Practice makes perfect, girl. Practice makes perfect.