By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Aug 02, 2017 @ 10:15 am
KKW Beauty
Credit: kkwbeauty/Instagram

Let’s be honest. We were all out of our minds excited for Kim Kardashian West’s debut solo beauty product, but were we all that surprised it was a contour kit? It’s been her signature for years, and she’s credited with bringing the age-old makeup artistry technique to the forefront of consumer beauty, so no. Not really. But KKW Beauty isn’t stopping at just contouring, and now the celebrity is finally dropping hints on what product number two might be.

First, she took to Instagram with YouTube star Desi Perkins to announce that they were busy filming a tutorial with her brand new product, plus Perkins’s new release. The picture didn’t give us much to work off of, besides the fact that they were both rocking nude lipstick, glowy skin, and perfectly groomed brows.

Then, the KKW Beauty Instagram posted another picture of three models on set of the shoot for the new product. Likewise, they’re all equally radiant and wearing the prime example of Kardashian no-makeup makeup.

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No news on exactly what the new product is, but if we were going to guess based on the clues in front of us, we’d say it’s some type of highlighter for luminizer. Plus, that would be the perfect next step for a beauty line that only consists of contouring, right?