You Won't Believe How Many Steps Are in Kim Kardashian's Eyebrow Routine

It's not easy being Kim K.

Kim Kardashian Makeup
Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage

For most of us ordinary folk, getting our brows done usually means a quick weekly visit to the nearest threading salon and then it's business as usual. OK, maybe some brow pencil to fill in the sparse spots and some gel to hold everything in place, but you get the picture. We invest time, but it's a relatively fast routine, and totes worth it because brows are everything.

As you can imagine, though, when Kim Kardashian needs her eyebrows done, things get a little a lot more complicated.

In a new video for her app, Kim K reveals what it actually takes to have brows that perfect, and let's just say that it's not easy. First of all, she works with legendary brow artist and longtime pal Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills, which only comes to show that Kim K takes her brows very seriously. To put it into perspective, this is the woman who invented the Brow Powder Duo. Yeaaaaaah, kinda a big deal!

"Getting my brows done is not only a major part of my makeup routine, but it's also like a little therapy session. Anastasia will come to my house pretty much whenever, put her light on her head and go to work," Kardashian says.

Soare starts off by shaping the brows, which includes waxing any excess hair, as well as trimming the hairs with baby scissors. Then, she preps them by applying some eye cream and foundation around them to define their shape. This is a trick we've also seen her little sis Kylie test out—successfully, at that.

Soare says that highlighting under your brows will give you an instant lift.

She fills in sparse brows with a pencil and finally applies brow gel to set them in place. See, we told you it's not easy, but Anastasia clearly knows what she's doing!

And now, let's all marvel at the results:

​Yep, worth it.

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