Seriously, is she gilded?
Jordyn Woods - Lead
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty

The "golden hour" has long been known to experts (and Insta pros) as the best time of day to take photographs because of the amazing lighting it imparts on just about everything. Fast forward to the selfie era and golden hour is the best time to go on a Snapchat selfie spree and to maximize and capitalize on your highlight game.

Jordyn Woods is always slaying it on Instagram, between the impeccable beach waves and her amazing complexion, but yesterday Jordyn shared the most LIT Instagram of all time, during Kylie Jenner's birthday celebrations. AKA she reminded us all that we should really take advantage of this gilded hour, every single day we can.

Yesterday Kylie, Jordyn and company celebrated Kylie's 19 birthday and Jordyn's celebratory birthday makeup was popping. Although, we shouldn't expect any less from someone whose makeup is done on the reg by her Lip Kit queen BFF. Jordyn's highlighter in particular is the reason we got up this morning—seriously we aim to look luminous even in the dark (pretty sure that she stole that glow from the moon or stars?). So, obviously, we need to know what that highlighter is like right away. Not to mention Jordyn's brow and braid game are both so strong. The golden hour is great and everything, but honestly, we're pretty sure Jordyn didn't even need the extra oomph.