Jones Road's First-Ever Foundation Is Perfect for a No Makeup-Makeup Look

And InStyle editors tried it first.

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Jones Road Launched Its First Foundation – and We Tried It

F-bombs usually don't get thrown around when talking about makeup, but it's not often that a product like Jones Road's WTF Moisture Tint comes along.

WTF is an acronym for What The Foundation, but it's also a playful nod to founder Bobbi Brown's reaction to the first time she tried the final formula of her clean beauty brand's first-ever foundation.

"I think this is such a unique product because it's not really a tinted moisturizer and it's not really a foundation," Brown exclusively tells InStyle. "WTF gives you coverage without looking like you have a foundation on. When I put it on for the first time, I was like, what the F—, hence the name."

The secret to the product's glowy (not greasy), weightless, second-skin finish is a handful of skincare-favorite ingredients, including jojoba oil, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, propanedial, and glycerin. Together, the humectants and emollients nourish the skin and provide a seamless, blended finish.

WTF comes in 12 flexible shades that are designed to correspond to the brand's Face Pencil, which can be layered on areas that need targeted coverage, such as redness around the nose or dark under-eye circles. The foundation retails for $42 and is available now at and Jones Road's flagship store in Montclair, New Jersey.

"We worked very hard to get the shades right and all of them correspond with the Face Pencils. Some people may need a different color in the winter and summer, and they can mix them during the in-between months," the legendary makeup artist suggests. "A lot of women of color have two-toned skin, so sometimes they may need two shades, but most people will find their match in one color."

Jones Road Launched Its First Foundation – and We Tried It

Creating a complexion product that works across ages and skin types was also important. "I'm in my mid-60s and I have girls on my team in their 20s and 30s. When the formula looked good on every single person, we knew we had the one," Brown says. "If it just worked on girls with perfect skin it wouldn't be exciting, and if it just worked on people with life in their face [Brown's way of saying mature skin], it wouldn't be good enough either."

As for application, it really boils down to personal preference. If you prefer sponges, Brown recommends using one that isn't too porous, as that would absorb the product rather than help you blend it. For brush fans, she says to use a flat brush like the brand's Skin Brush. Brown's preferred method? Just her fingertips, which Jones Road fans will be used to thanks to the brand's cult-beloved Miracle Balm.

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The most important thing to remember is that a little goes a long way and that you can build more coverage. "How you apply WTF will give you different finishes, Brown says. "I always start with the least amount possible and that gives just the most natural look, but I've seen people put it on in a denser manner for more coverage."

With Brown's tips in mind, six InStyle editors with different skin types and foundation preferences put WTF Moisture Tint to the test ahead of its launch. Our honest thoughts, ahead.

Kayla Greaves, Executive Beauty Editor, Wearing Medium

Kayla Greaves wearing Jones Road WTF Foundation

"The foundation has a beautiful, creamy formula which I found to be super moisturizing — a huge plus for me since I can be prone to dry skin. I applied it with my good ol' fingers and found that it blended in super easy and matched my skin almost perfectly to boot. I'd say it gave me medium coverage and felt like a second skin. I didn't notice much transfer throughout the day, but I was able to wash it off easily with an oil-based cleanser."

Erin Lukas, Beauty Editor, Wearing Porcelain

Erin Lukas Wearing Jones Road WTF Foundation

"I typically gravitate towards foundations that are lightweight but offer enough coverage to even out the redness I have around my nose and dark spots from past hormonal breakouts on my jawline. WTF meets my requirements. I love the mousse-like texture, which blends effortlessly. While I typically use a Beautyblender to apply my foundation, I found I liked using my fingertips with WTF the best. The glowy, second-skin finish is my jam and I was able to tap a little extra onto the areas where I need a bit more coverage without it getting cakey."

Ondine Jean-Baptiste, Social Media Assistant, Wearing Chestnut

Ondine Jean-Baptiste wearing Jones Road WTF Foundation

"I applied the foundation with a foundation brush and immediately LOVED the result. It felt like medium coverage, which was great for concealing my dark spots, while still giving me a natural finish. I was on vacation in New Orleans while trying this out and it lasted all day — even in the high humidity. The best part for me was that I got little to no transfer on my face mask while out and about — this stuff stays put!"

Samantha Sutton, Senior Fashion Editor, Wearing WTF Beige

Samantha Sutton wearing Jones Road WTF Foundation

"After applying the foundation with a Beautyblender, I was pretty surprised with how light it was — almost like a tinted moisturizer. Admittedly, full-coverage, matte makeup is my go-to for most of the year, but I wouldn't mind switching to this formula during the summer months. When it's hot out and I'm already a tad sun-kissed, I'm always searching for an alternative that's easy to apply and will even out my skin tone without feeling heavy or caked on. This seems to fit the bill. While I wore it with my everyday look for the photo, I can't wait to take it on vacation and quickly dab it on with a lip and cheek stain before heading out the door."

Ana Osorno, Assistant Social Media Editor, Wearing Honey

Ana Osorno wearing Jones Road WTF Foundation

"I first applied the foundation using my fingers to smooth it over my face and then once I had a pretty even coverage, I blended it all in using a Beautyblender. The formula feels very light but has more pigment to it than it looks, so you don't need to use much product in order to evenly cover your face. As I have oilier skin, this foundation added a bit more glow than I would have liked, so I used the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder to set my makeup for the day and give it a bit of a matte finish. Even with the setting powder, the foundation still gave my face a nice glow that lasted all day — even on a warmer/sunnier day."

Kylie Gilbert, Senior Lifestyle Editor, Wearing Light & Fair

Kylie Gilbert wearing Jones Road WTF Foundation in Light & Fair

"I was hesitant the first few times I applied this product since the balm texture felt a little sticky/tacky compared to my usual tinted moisturizers, but once it melted into my skin I felt like I was wearing nothing. As someone who very rarely wears full-coverage makeup, I love that it looks completely natural (you can still see my freckles) but simply gives your skin a more polished, dewy finish. The only big downside for me was the lack of SPF!"

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