Those brows, though.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Jul 14, 2016 @ 11:15 am
John Oliver
Credit: Mike Pont/Getty Images

Sometimes beauty inspo comes from the unlikeliest of places. Case in point: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

During this week's fan mail review (which really means reading YouTube comments), Oliver tackles the popular world of beauty tutorials. Well, kind of.

What he really did was quickly reference a beauty technique he calls Johntouring, which looks like an, um, interesting way to contour. Apparently, in John's words, it's all about the blending. That is true, John. Anyone who's walked around with an unblended contour would agree.

While the mention was brief, he turned his attention to some of his viewer comments. So what kind of feedback did John get, you ask? Well, turns out his fans are rather impressed with his eyebrows, calling them "magnificent." His brows are pretty impressive, we gotta say.

He even challenged Cara Delevingne to a celebrity brow duel of sorts. "Step Off! Step off, Cara!"

One of Oliver's fans even equated his brows to an "alien caterpillar." We've never heard that compliment before, but hey, we're sure that's not the strangest thing he's ever heard.

He calls it one of the most anticipated vids of all time, in case that gives you any idea of what it's like. It will give you a few laughs, and who can resist a contouring segment?