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Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty

It is a known property of life that if you enter a Target, nine times out of 10, you will leave with a ton of stuff you didn’t need. You go in for makeup remover wipes, you leave with Peeps, that new bottled iced coffee everyone has been raving about, a Coachella-inspired blouse, and a new pack of socks. The Target temptation doesn’t just affect us mere mortals—celebrities are also inflicted by the draw of aisles upon aisles of stuff! Even Jessica Alba.

"Now I’ll be going to the beauty section,” Alba told InStyle when asked about what she picks up during a Target trip. In case you missed it, Honest Beauty just launched at the superstore.

"It depends on why I’m coming in. Definitely stuff for my kids. I like to get my kids clothes here, school supplies, wipes, hand sanitizer, and yeah. I just roam. I actually don’t know if I ever come in with a real agenda. I just come in because I’m like, 'I know I need this one thing.' And then I end up getting an entire cart.” Uh, same.

But if spring beauty products were on her mind, now we have a pretty good idea of what Alba would toss in her cart.

"For spring, I definitely think the Magic Balm ($18; sephora.com). It’s great for everything. I do think that the Peony Kiss Truly Kissable Lip Crayon ($18; sephora.com) is super nice for spring. It’s like a nice pinky color, but it looks good on everyone depending on how much pigment you want. Also, maybe this pinky cream blush, The Truly Flirting ($22; target.com). It’s super nice on all the skin tones," she shared.

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A word to the wise, invest in the Magic Balm. Whether you're dealing with dryness on your lips or your cuticles, this do-all lives up to Alba's hype.