Jennifer Lopez
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There’s nothing that Jennifer Lopez can’t do. She's producing and starring in films (Second Act) and TV shows (Shades of Blue and World of Dance), she's doing Vegas residency ("All I Have"), and she's somehow also found the time to create a 70-piece makeup collection with Inglot Cosmetics—all with her signature glow intact. I, on the other hand, am now exhausted from listing everything she’s done so far this year.

When Lopez’s collaboration with the popular Polish makeup brand launches tomorrow, you’ll be able to purchase all of the products required for achieving the “J.Lo glow,” along with mascara that’ll give you her full lashes and nude lip glosses that complete the J.Lo look.

Lopez’s signature highlight and contour is courtesy of her makeup artist of 18 years, Scott Barnes. “The first day I met her was on the set of an InStyle cover shoot in 2000,” Barnes told a group of beauty editors and influencers at the J.Lo x Inglot launch celebration in Las Vegas. “This was before she was ‘J.Lo.’ She had no makeup on, and the sunlight was hitting her skin so that she was glowing and just looked so pretty. So I told her, ‘I’m going to make you look just like you do now, but for the camera.'”

What’s made Lopez’s makeup so iconic throughout the years is that even though her look is heavy on highlight and contour, it’s not overdone, and it's never streaky. The fact that it's often replicated but not exactly duplicated (I've tried and failed) is why Barnes set up a master class as part of the weekend's events, offering us a crash course on how to get the "J.Lo glow."

"You should always contour with a bronzer that's one to two shades darker than your base skin tone," Barnes says. He recommends using an ashy tone if you're blonde, so that your contour looks like a shadow instead of a tan. The contour should be swept under the hollows of the cheeks, the sides of the nose up to the brow bone, under the jawline, and faded onto the neck. He also always puts a bit of contour on the hairline, too.

These are pretty standard steps for contouring, but what sets Barnes' method apart is that he applies the bronzer under foundation. "This gives your base a little something to hold on to," he says.

Highlighter, for Barnes, is also all about the glow. "So many times you'll see a girl who says, 'My highlight is on fleek!' And it's like, 'No, girl, you can see it from space.' If I see the highlighter before I see you, it's a problem," Barnes tells us before giving us a highlighter tutorial.

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For the most natural finish, he uses a foundation brush to apply highlighter on J.Lo. Barnes rounds (moves the brush in a circular motion) the product into her skin on the parts of her face where the sun naturally hits to avoid a shimmery stripe across the cheekbone. His other highlighting tip is to, "add a little bit around the jawline so you'll get a bit of shimmer when you turn and you can see your neckline."

Barnes takes a similar approach to blush. Once he's applied the contour and highlight, he sweeps blush across the cheekbone towards the nose, and then on the apples of the cheeks. Another place he loves to use blush? On the lips. "This makes them look plumper without any filler," he said.

Lopez's collection includes everything you need to make the "J.Lo glow" yours, but foundation is the one product you won't find in the collaboration. But don't worry, it's coming, and Barnes confirmed that it's going to have a finish that's just as dewy as the star's complexion IRL.

"This was a color capsule collection that I did for them, but I'd love to get into skin and complexion," Lopez told the group during a party following her "All I Have" show. "I'd rather take it slow, do it right, and let people know that they can count on me that when I put something out, I'm not just putting my name on it. I want the product to stand for that."