By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated Aug 26, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

Jenna Marbles says she's gone down the beauty vlogger rabbit hole (haven't we all, tho?) and was inspired to do one of those "How I Used to Do My Makeup" videos. Because she is Jenna Marbles, the video is expectedly hilarious. She starts by lamenting that, unlike the youths of today "with their Naked palettes crafting perfect little smoky eyes," she didn't have access to YouTube makeup tutorials until she was halfway through college. Same, girl, same.

What ensues is a chronological catalog of all the makeup looks she's worn over the years. She starts by reminiscing about her first experience with makeup—at the ripe age of eight—when her mom gave her a cherry red lipstick to play with. Complete with horror-esque flashbacks, she recalls getting the lipstick all over her white turtleneck and basically calls it a foreshadowing of her beauty experiences that followed.

"The cringe is so real," in this one, as Jenna so proudly warns, but the best part is that most of us are all cringing right beside her because, well... Jenna Marbles is #allofus. I mean, how many of us have paired bright blue eyeshadow with pink lipstick? And can we talk about that thick eyeliner on your lower waterline trend that everyone seemed to wear in middle and early high school? Not to mention, I think we have all had regrettable experiences while navigating the confounding waters of color correction.