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It Cosmetics x Dry Bar Mascara
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Unlike celebrities or desserts (Cronut, anyone?), beauty brands don't often pair up — and when they do, expect fireworks to go off in the form of a game-changing product. Case in point: IT Cosmetics and Drybar partnered up to create Lash Blowout, a lash-lifting mascara that promises to add 19X more volume to your natural lashes.

The mascara was designed to give your lashes the look and all of the benefits you get with a salon blowout. Its wand was inspired by the technology used to make barrel round brushes, and the brush's bristles are all different lengths to catch every single lash at all stages of the hair growth cycle. There are also microspheres on the tip of each bristle to separate lashes so they don't get clumpy. The "hair-loving" formula is infused with strengthening and conditioning ingredients like biotin, vitamin E, collagen, jojoba oil, and palm oil.

While the fact that this mascara merges makeup and haircare is innovative in itself, Lash Blowout's packaging also makes it special. The tube is designed to look like Drybar's best-selling Half Pint round brush in the brand's signature yellow and gray colors.

For any skeptics that think a mascara inspired by a hairbrush is simply Instagram fodder, IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima and Drybar founder Alli Webb tested 50 versions of Lash Blowout to get it just right.

"It was definitely a long process getting it to where we wanted. We were starting to look at samples and it wasn’t where we wanted it to be," Webb tells me at ahead of the Lash Blowout's launch event in L.A. "There was pressure mounting to meet the deadline, but you can’t worry about timelines because then your opinion of the product will be clouded with that." Lima agrees, saying that her and Webb worked so well together because they put the product over everything else, rejecting dozens of samples because they don't want to launch anything that's less than perfect.

"There are great volumizing mascaras out there, but they always clump," explains Lima. "When you get your hair blown out, you’re amazed at how much volume and lift your hair has, but when it comes to mascara, you either get volume that clumps and falls, or you get really skinny lift. It’s hard to get both, so that’s why we wanted to create this mascara."

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Volumizing mascaras are typically my go-to but like Lima said, they often make my lashes clump — especially when you layer on a few coats like I do. Typically, I have to separate my lashes (very carefully) with a pair of Tweezers after putting mascara on.

While I pull my hair every time I try to use an actual round brush, applying Lash Blowout was painless. The formula delivered on the volume front, but what will make me reach for Lash Blowout over the pile of mascaras I'm hoarding is that it truly does lift and separate your lashes without sacrificing any of that volume.

Scope out my before and after shots below. On the right I'm mascara-free, and on the left I have Lash Blowout on.

It Cosmetics Before and After
Credit: Erin Lukas

In conclusion: Yes, Lash Blowout blew me away.

IT Cosmetics x Drybar Lash Blowout Mascara is now available for $25 at ITCosmetics.com and QVC.com.