This Is the Ultimate Gift for Lipstick Lovers — That You'll Also Want for Yourself

Meet the InStyle Badass Lipstick holiday set.

Badass Lipstick Holiday Bundle
Photo: Courtesy/InStyle

We all have that one person in our life who we've never seen without a swipe of lipstick on.

Whether it's your mom, who has sworn by the same your-lips-but-better rosy pink for decades, or it's your sister who needs to get her hands on every new red that drops throughout the year, the holidays are the perfect excuse to yet add another bullet (or two) to their collections. Or, you know, you can also take advantage of the fact that it's the best time of the year to score major deals on makeup for yourself.

Regardless of who you're shopping for, as this trash fire of a year finally wraps up, may we suggest our InStyle Badass Lipstick Holiday Bundle?

The limited edition set includes two lipsticks in shades of your choosing, plus a wallet clutch, created in collaboration with Clare V., to store them. One side has "Badass" embroidered on it, while the other side has "Une Femme," respectively.

Badass Lipstick Holiday Bundle

As for the makeup options, our Badass Lipstick comes in four staple shades that every lipstick lover will rave over.

Badass Lipsticks

Better Off Red is a universal red with golden undertones, and the finish is comparable to a bold lip stain. Rebel Rouser is your classic matte red lipstick. It goes on smooth and doesn't dry up or get flaky throughout the day. Peachy Keen is the ideal color for anyone who likes a subtle lip, and the matte formula has a super soft finish so it wears comfortably. Legend Berry is a quintessential winter berry shade. While it gives you all of the color payoff of your favorite lipstick, it's as hydrating as your go-to lip balm.

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The Badass Lipstick Holiday Bundle is available for $65 at

Now you just have to plot which colors you're going to gift — and which ones you'll get for yourself.

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