Spring's Most Playful Beauty Trend Was Made For Makeup Newbies

And it's perfect for both minimalists and maximalists.

Spring's Most Playful Makeup Trend Was Made For Newbies
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Every time I find out about a new beauty trend, my immediate thought is that it's great for others. With subpar makeup skills, I feel like I can never keep up, especially considering trends like contouring, Euphoria makeup, or any cool cat-eye variation. This spring, however, is going to be my time to shine.

Celebrities have recently been spotting inner-eye pops of color using both eyeliner and eyeshadow, and it looks so easy to recreate. At the Oscars, Tati Gabrielle used gold to turn up the elegance and open up her eyes. For the after party, Megan Fox chose to accentuate her eyes with a pop of matching baby blue shadow. Lil Nas X followed suit with his Grammys look. To seal its place as an official trend, inner eye corner makeup was also spotted on the runways during New York Fashion Week.

The list goes on, and it's perfect for both minimalists who love a clean makeup look and for maximalists who play with bold colors and 3D embellishments.

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Makeup newbies, rejoice! All you need to hop on this trend is eyeliner or highly-pigmented eyeshadow in a color you like, and, maybe, a makeup brush for application. (I'm team finger-painting, but I know some looks require more finesse.) If you want to step it up, you can play with some lash glue to stick on pearls, rhinestones, foil, and more.

See a few of our favorite takes on the trend to inspire your own looks.

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Megan Fox

As far as '90s trends go, baby blue eyeshadow is high up on the list. Here, it gets a modern update with this minimalistic take.

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Grace Gaustad

Inner eye corner makeup doesn't have to be reserved to just the inner eyes. For a bold beauty look, match it to your wing.

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Doja Cat

Create a whole lewk by adding one white dot to your inner eyes and a few to the outer edges. Who said cool makeup had to be hard?

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Gigi Hadid

A pop of canary yellow is unexpected and fresh for the spring.

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Shay Mitchell

The actress added a touch of shimmer to her inner corners to make her lavender smoky eye really pop.

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