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By xo Jane/Maura Ivy
Updated Jul 13, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Makeup - Lead 2016
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Do you ever daydream about winning the lottery? I do all the time. Definitely the first thing I would buy is laser hair removal; after that, maybe a house or a corgi. On the beauty spectrum, I'd definitely level up on many things if I could afford it. I generally don't notice much of a difference between mascaras but I'd probably buy myself a more expensive one, just because I can afford it. Would I still browse the drugstores hoping to find products that don't suck? Probably not as much.

I was thinking, however, that there are certain cheap tricks that I would never give up because they just work that well.

Using Brushes from the Art Supply Store

Back in the day, when I was still just an xoReader trying to get my beauty game on, I read this article by Annie and thought it was genius. I actually didn't even get these brushes at the art supply store, but from what you Americans call the Dollar Store. This little set cost me €2,50 and I even threw some brushes out after I ruined them with lash glue and got too lazy go clean them.

The flat angled brush is the best I've ever found for eyebrows. Another benefit? You can just cut your brush when you need it to be pointier. I could never do that to a MAC brush, but that might just be me.

Also, these things just don't shed at all! I think the blue handle and gold part makes them look sort of fancy, too.

Catrice Kohl Kajal White Eye Pencil

OK, I'm not sure how much of a trick/hack this is because it's just a product, but the term "hack" is used loosely on the internet these days, so I'll just roll with it.

I always like to apply a white pencil to my waterline because it makes my eyes look more white. I have tried many white pencils from many brands and at many price points, and this is by far the one I like most.

The pencil isn't too opaque, which is great because I want the white to look sort of natural. It also isn't too dry, it's not hard/irritating to apply. And the best thing is, for some reason, these little pencils are unbreakable. The tip never breaks off.

If I ever won the lottery, I'd just buy these in bulk.

DIY Heated Eyelash Curler

To curl my lashes, I always take my Tweezerman eyelash curler and heat it up a little. I use a lighter because it's effective, but I've seen people on Youtube use blowdryers. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

One of the first tricks I discovered when I was learning about makeup was that your lashes just curl better when you heat up your eyelash curler. If I were rich, I could probably just get a heated eyelash curler.

I always use my eyelash curler to blend in my fake lashes too, so if I were to get a heated eyelash curler, I just imagine me melting my fake lashes to my real lashes and ending up with no eyelashes. That's never a good look, even if you're rich.

Using Contact Solution for Practically Everything

Even though I don't wear contacts, I always keep a bottle of contact solution on my vanity. It's just the best for basically anything! Applying eyeshadow wet? Dampening your beautyblender because you're too lazy to get up? Resurrecting dried-out eyeliners? There are many products designed to do these things, but I don't see the need to try them because contact solution almost always does the trick.

Using Hairspray to Set Your Eyebrows

I'm not a big fan of brow gels because they often mess up my carefully blended eyebrow; also, because they're often not strong enough to keep my brows in place. At some point I just resorted to using hairspray on my eyebrows, which I just brush through with an old silicone mascara brush. It just works super-well.

When it comes to my actual hair I'm picky about hairspray because many don't keep my hair in place, or they make my hair tangle up, or they make my hair greasy. For eyebrows, though, basically anything works as long as it doesn't contain any fancy ingredients. For me, this is just more effective than using a brow gel, and that's why I love it.