How to Wear Rainbow Beauty IRL — Without Having to Commit

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If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that rainbow beauty has been taking over — the colorful trend has been painting itself onto faces everywhere. While this trend may look amazing on Insta and totally warrant a like, it may not be the kind of look you want to commit to everyday. You know, by dying your hair or eyebrows different colors.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can totally rock the rainbow without committing to the rainbow.

Whether it be vibrant rainbow freckles, psychedelic streaks of hair or mermaid/galaxy inspired eyebrows, these 3 vivid tutorials are the perfect ornaments to add some vitality to your look.

Rainbow Freckles

Tap into your inner child and get out those face painting memories. Rainbow freckles have made an appearance on social media — up next, your face.

Step 1: Do your make up as you normally would, but don't forget to choose a good foundation/powder as a flawless base.

Step 2: Bust out the color. Although you can use costume makeup or face paint, Makeup artist Claire Nobles recommends The Make Up For Ever eyeshadow individuals. They come in every color on the spectrum and can be used wet for vibrant color or dry for a more subtle look. Choose a pointed makeup brush (similar to one that you would apply precise eyeliner with) and dip it into water so that the bristles are saturated but not dripping wet

Step 3: Start with the lightest color first and create small random dots across your nose, cheekbones, and perhaps the temples of your forehead. Be sure to vary the dots in size, making some small as a pinpoint and others a little bit larger simply by pressing down slightly harder with the brush.

Work your way across the face and optionally add more colors. You can go with a single color, a gradient mix of two or three, or put the entire rainbow on your face either in order or confetti style.

Justin Schlesinger Photography

Step 4: If you want something that’s a little bit more wearable for every day, you can use a color-correcting translucent powder to set the look and dim down anything that's too bright. The Givenchy Beauty 4 Quad Loose Powder is one of Claire's favorites for her makeup clients.

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Rainbow Eyebrows

Mermaid brows, galaxy brows, unicorn brows – whatever you choose to call them, bleaching and dying brow hairs all sorts of crazy hues is a thing. While this looks fantastic and will definitely give a twist to your style, it may not be the kind of trend you want to subject your brows to permanently.

Using eyeshadow is the perfect way to achieve these brows temporarily.

Step 1: Fill in your brows with a powder in a light ashy blonde or brown color. Nobles explains this will help you get the perfect shape and act as a gradient for the brighter colors to blend into. Be sure to avoid any brow gels or pastes, as they can pick up and retain too much color, creating a look that is goopy and messy.

Step 2: Using an angled eyeshadow or liner brush, pick up the first and darkest color you are planning to use. Any vivid eyeshadow palette will be fine, but I particularly love the Urban Decay Electric for its color payoff and powder blend ability Create a line at the bottom of your brow, outlining the shape, and carry this up through the brow.

Step 3: Wipe off your brush and dip it into the following color in the sequence you have chosen. Layer these onto the brow. You can carry this up the brow vertically a third or half way, or across the brow horizontally by splitting it up into sections (the inner brow, the body of the brow, the arch, and the tail)

Justin Schlesinger Photography

Step 4: Finally, using a brow brush or a spoolie, brush the brows into place while simultaneously merging these different colors together. If you need, you can use concealer to clean up the edges.

Justin Schlesinger Photography

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair may look phenomenal, but bleaching and dyeing your locks all of these different colors can cause a lot of damage.

Paste or hair chalk is the perfect way to rock this trend without any damage to your hair — and it washes out whenever you want it gone.

Justin Schlesinger Photography

Step 1: Pull your hair into a braid, ponytail, or other cute updo.

Step 2: Using a large brush or your fingertips, use cosmetic paste in different sections of your braid, ponytail, or other natural sections in your hairstyle. Claire Nobles loves the Make Up For Ever flash palette for its vibrancy, especially over darker hair colors.

Step 3: Give the hair at least 10 minutes to dry/settle in and add a layer of hairspray to seal in the look.

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