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Truth time: Some matte lipsticks, while incredibly chic and modern looking, don't exactly feel like a layer of balm on lips. They can crack, and wear off unevenly. Now let's say you do commit to the look: Touching up typically means wiping off your color and applying all over again. High maintenance? As much as a pair of suede stiletto boots in the rain.

That's why we flipped out when makeup artist Matin (who has worked with Rachel Bilson, Nina Dobrev and Gal Gadot) shared this trick: When matte lips are starting to fade or look uneven, he likes to apply a layer of ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture + Tint ($5; to touch them up. That's right, his fix costs less than most lattes.

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Matin says he sends some of his clients onto the red carpet with one of the balms tucked in their bags, in a shade that best matches their matte lips. It'll keep the surface from looking cracked, help even out the color, and make for a much cushier feeling. How good does that sound?