Believe It Or Not, You Can Actually Manifest Your Best Life With Makeup

Astrologer Lisa Stardust explains how.

Believe It Or Not, You Can Manifest Your Best Life With Makeup
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If you've been on TikTok in the last year, chances are you're totally familiar with manifestation techniques. But for those who aren't in the know, manifestation is a way of thinking that allows us to bring our desires to life.

This means that we can dive deep into our souls and be honest with our personal aspirations — then make them come true. And believe it or not, our beauty rituals are one way to do it.

By applying makeup while stating our desires, we can use glamour and color magic as a way of bringing life to our innate visions. Trust me, I wrote the bestselling The Love Deck, which is a set of manifestation cards that can and will help everyone on their journey.

You just need to follow these four simple steps, ahead.

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The Love Deck

Believe It Or Not, You Can Manifest Your Best Life With Makeup
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How to Manifest Using Makeup

Step One: Meditate and Focus

Before you apply makeup, take a deep breath. Meditate on the vision you're trying to attain. Set an intention that aligns with your personal dreams and aspirations — and don't rush it, this could take a few minutes. You want to be as clear and concise as possible.

Don't skimp on the words and lean into your desires. If you're passionate about it and want it, then you can manifest it into your orb. Personally, I chant my intentions over and over then go deep within my mind and heart to see what else I would like to bring to fruition.

Step Two: Pick a Color or Two

Pick a color or shade that you want to wear which speaks to you and aligns with the energy you want to bring into your life.

Here's a list of some colors and the vibes they can add to your life through manifestation:

  • Coral: passion and optimism
  • Red: creativity and power
  • Pink: romance and love
  • Purple: wisdom and independence
  • Blue: freedom and imagination
  • Black: protection and elegance
  • White: open mindless and purity
  • Yellow: happiness and courage
  • Green: growth and rebirth
  • Orange: expression and joy
  • Grey: balance and peace
  • Gold: success and generosity
  • Silver: grace and glamour
  • Brown: security and reliability

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Step Three: Create an Affirmation

An affirmation is a statement in which you were expressing how you feel about yourself, as well as your intention. For instance, if you were wanting to bring in love, you would say something like: "I am a wonderful person who is worthy of healthy and kind love." Be as specific as you need to. Add the type of relationship you want, as well as who you want it with (if you have a specific person in mind).

Next, state this over and over while applying your makeup in the mirror (there are plenty of prompts in The Love Deck). You can even do so when taking off your makeup at the end of the day.

Step Four: Believe in Yourself

The last step is very easy — all it takes is for you to own your confidence and self-worth. Take a long look in the mirror and say something wonderful that you love about yourself. Talk to yourself about all your unique and fabulous qualities.

When you're done, take one last glaze at yourself in the mirror. Remember, the person you should love the most in the world is yourself. If you give yourself TLC and bring positivity towards your hopes and aspirations then anything can happen — as long as you believe.

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