This Product Gives You Fuller Brows in One Swipe—Yes, Really

Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty

A professionally-trained artist I am not, but I do know that shading creates the illusion of depth. It's the ethos behind Benefit's 3D Browtones Highlighter ($24;, and if its Readers' ChoiceBeauty Award win for Best Brow Product is any indication, there's certainly something to it.

Now, let me explain...


This wand might look like your average gel, but it's actually intended to be applied after you've otherwise groomed and filled your brows. Swipe it through hairs, and the pigmented gel imparts subtle highlights that give depth to the color of your brows. And depth—as it relates to brows—means your set will almost instantly appear fuller.

VIDEO: 4 Ways to do your Eyebrows

I myself have microbladed eyebrows, which can tend to look a bit flat as they fade. But a few swipes of this stuff changes all that. If only my tenth-grade art teacher could see me now...

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