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If you haven’t been living without Wi-Fi then you already know that Kylie Jenner’s lip products are an Internet sensation. And if you’ve ever tried to score the reality star’s original lip kits, glosses, or her metallic matte liquid lipsticks—the most recent addition to Jenner’s lineup – you already know it’s an emotional rollercoaster. With the pieces typically selling out in 15 minutes, you can bet there are many makeup junkies still pouting over their losses. The options after a sell-out? Well, you can wait until the next restock, or head to EBay to spend double (sometimes triple) the original prices. Or, you can take my advice and prepare for the next launch. I’ve managed to get my hands on every single Kylie lip product. So I thought I'd share my tips and tricks with InStyle’s readers so you, too, can snag your own lippies.

Stalk Kylie Jenner’s App and Instagram

Kylie and her team alert fans to the next restock and product launch via Kylie Jenner app. Now if you don’t want to pay the $2.99 a month subscription (I totally feel you on this) make sure to follow the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, along with makeup obsessed pages like Trendmood and LipstickJunkieForever for the latest updates. On the day of the launch, be sure to head back to the original post on any of these sites for important updates, like the specific time of the launch, which lip products will be available, and prices.

Plan Your Purchase

Once you know a restock or launch is happening, make sure to plan which products you’re going to buy. It’s important not to stray from your original course of action so you can speedily hit the checkout button when it’s time to finalize your purchase. If you’re interested in only purchasing, say, Koko K or Candy K, I recommend teaming up with a friend to buy more than one product at once, that way you get to split that steep $8.95 U.S. shipping cost.

Hit Refresh

Plan on heading to 10 to 15 minutes before the launch time and then keep refreshing the page every 20 to 30 seconds. Sometimes the products will appear two minutes before or after the expected time, so get ready to add them to your cart at the speed of light. In the meantime, put your credit card information and address into a word document. This simple, yet crucial step saves time so you can focus on adding the lippies to your cart instead of aimlessly searching for your credit card.

Be Patient – and Don’t Give Up

Once the products appear on the site, it’s go time. Add your picks to the cart, copy and paste your info, hit submit and hope for the best. Once you make it to the "Your Order Is Processing" page, you’re in the home stretch. If the site claims the product is sold out, just try again; it may be a glitch.

Hopefully these techniques give you the chance to see the “Thank You for Your Order” page that every Kylie Cosmetics’ buyer dreams of. Happy shopping!

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