By Sheryl George
Updated Jun 28, 2016 @ 11:00 am
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While it may seem like contour products and highlighters get all the buzz these days, a dusting of good 'ol blush can perk up a complexion fast. Cream blush is often touted for looking more natural than it's powder and gel counterparts but sadly, it can often fade faster than a Tinder connection. We asked top celebrity makeup artists to get the scoop on how to make our cream blush stick for hours, read on to find out pro solutions to getting a long lasting flush.

“I apply cream blush with a beauty blender sponge ($16;, I never use my fingers because it's harder to blend out. For more staying power, I lightly tap on a thin coating of translucent powder. My favorite creams are from Laura Mercier ($26;, I love shades like Oleander, Blaze, Praline and Canyon- you're covered with all options from pink to neutrals.”—Ashleigh Louer

“I kind of have a cream blush obsession. I have several brands in my kit but my absolute favorite right now is Makeup Forever Second Skin Cream Blush. It's so blendable that I just think it ends up looking so effortless and radiant. To help it stay put, I love to use a primer like Hourglass mineral veil right on the cheek area to help keep your skin's natural oils from breaking up the blush. And to keep the glow I love to mist my blush Beauty Blender sponge with Skindinavia Finishing Spray ($11; and do the last bit of blending with the sponge. This really works the spray in and is magic at keeping your blush glowing and in place the whole day!”—Andre Sarmiento

"I love Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick In Las Salinas ($45; which works for all skin tones. I apply the product onto the cheek with my finger and blend it further into the skin with a synthetic domed foundation brush like Sephora Collections Pro Flawless Light Powder Brush #50 ($38; The key is to layer the cream blush in a couple of applications. Then, I softly sweep a powder blush of the same shade with a fan brush to set it in place."—Allan Avendano

"Choosing a silicone based creme blush will create a more lasting finish on skin, my favorite are from Chanel (Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Color Stick, $45; The volatile ingredients in these types of blushes flash off leaving behind only pigment in a flexible layer which wears longer (and is more of a matte satin finish) than other types of cream blush. To set the look, I go for a 3D effect by dusting a shimmering blush (try Tom Ford Cheek Color Blushes, $60; over a cream blush to create an almost duochrome finish on cheeks."—Beau Nelson

"I love the Makeup For Ever Second Skin Cream HD Blush ($26; These cream blushes are lightweight and set to a soft powder finish. They are a little drier in consistency which allows it to stay put on your face. The blush melts right into the skin for a much more realistic flush. The key to making your cream blush last is to layer. After I have applied the cream blush, I use a flat blush brush ( try Sigma Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush, $27; and press powder blush over it. It's all in the application though, make sure you press it rather than using swiping brush strokes, this will prevent the cream from moving around."—Daniel Chinchilla

"I absolutely adore cream blush and use it every single time I work with a client. To give it some staying power, applying cream blush has become a three step process for me. I start with a primer—I love the classic primer from Smashbox ($16; This gives the skin a barrier, as creams tend to melt into the skin. I then apply my cream with a damp beauty blender ($20;, starting at the apples of the cheeks and then blending up into the hairline. My absolute favorite formulas are the multiples from NARS; the texture is a a bit drier than other formulas, ensuring a lasting finish that is creamy but not runny. My final step is setting the cream with an extremely sheer powder blush. I love Chanel joues contraste powder blush ($45; for this part of the process. This formula acts like a sheer wash over the skin, and locks in the cream without drying it out."—Kirin Bhatty