How to Do Your Makeup in Five Minutes Flat

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For some people, the five-minute face isn't a major feat—it's simply what they do every single day. For others, like your author, the act of filling in both brows takes five minutes in itself.

If you fall into the latter category, doing a full face while you're in a rush is certainly a tall order, which makes every element of the whole back to school grind that much more complicated. However, rest assured that there is hope. We asked celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose, who works with stars like Lupita Nyong'o, Priyanka Chopra, and Amy Poehler among many others, for his expertise on how to do your makeup in five minutes or less. Whether you're attempting to make it to class before the bell rings, or get to the carpool line on time, Barose has your game plan outlined below.

Hydrate Properly

"With a good moisturizer, your skin will look plump and radiant, so you won't need much aside from that," Barose explains. "That glow will be hard to fake if you're not using a moisturizer, so use makeup-friendly products that add hydration, but won't turn the foundation or concealer greasy." He recommends massaging a moisturizer like Kiehl's Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream Moisturizer ($28; in circular motions over the face, then using an eye serum or cream to depuff the area. This ensures your concealer will sit evenly and won't appear cakey. Your plan of attack should be to give the skin a glowy appearance, then do what you can to give the eyes a more awake appearance.

Conceal Where Needed

No time for foundation? No problem. A concealer like Cle De Peau's iconic formula ($70; should provide coverage in any places where your skin needs extra love. Run it under your eyes and over any blemishes, then blend out using either a damp makeup sponge or buffing brush.

Skip the Liquid Liner

Unless you can hold a steady hand under pressure, Barose advises going for a powdery pencil that you can blend out. "Choose a formula that isn't waxy so it can double as eyeshadow if needed, and don't worry about making the line too perfect when you don't have time," he says. "Smudge and blur it out so that the line is defined, yet not super precise. The end result looks very spontaneous and cool." MAC's Technakohl in Teddy ($18;, which he describes is an intense brown with slight hints of shimmer, is one of his favorites. On the brows, use either a pomade to create a quick shape, or try brushing on a brow gel solo if your arches are already pretty ample. Finish with a few swipes of mascara.

Keep It Simple

When doing makeup in a pinch, it's important not to panic, but also not to attempt a full-on contour or anything too complicated. "One mistake people typically make is trying to do everything as if they have time, which ends up looking sloppy and rushed," Barose tells us. "Don't try anything too high-maintenance that needs precision when you don't have time, and instead, simplify the lineup." That being said, multi-tasking products ar your best friend in this situation. The pro loves using the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge ($30; for double-duty action on the cheeks and lips, though you can even extend the effect to your lids if you're so inclined. Monochromatic makeup is in, after all.

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