Gotta catch 'em all, apparently.

By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated Jul 28, 2016 @ 3:00 pm
Credit: Everett Collection

Remember Chrisspy, the insanely talented makeup artist who recently posted that super convincing, slightly disturbing Dory tutorial? Well, the beauty vlogger is back at it again, this time zero-ing in on the Pokemon Go craze currently sweeping the nation.

Her most recent foray into "beauty gone weird" involves transforming herself into an adorable Pikachu. When you first see Pikachu on the video, it's easy to mistake the yellow character for a stuffed animal, but nope -- that's Chrisspy herself. And when she starts talking while wearing the costume? Let's just say things get a little strange.

To complete the look, she first applied a bald cap and covered her brows with glue, color corrector and concealer so they wouldn't show. She also used yellow, red, blue, orange, black and white paint from M.A.C. and Mehron, as well as various eyeliners to help create some guides for Pikachu's face. The eyes and ears were printed out on construction paper.

Here's the kicker: when Chrisspy filmed this tutorial, it was the first time she had ever tried creating the look and was "winging it" without knowing how it'd turn out. That girl has got some serious talent.