A celeb who likes to do her own makeup wins our heart.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Aug 18, 2016 @ 4:45 pm
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Confession: Typically when we spot actresses at red carpet events, we chalk their perfectly glowy beauty look up to an A+ glam squad, mainly in an effort to make ourselves feel better about our own work-in-progress makeup skills. So when MIMI ran into Hayley Orrantia at ABC's Television Critics Association All-Star Party this month, we were blown away when The Goldbergs star admitted she did her own hair and makeup for the evening.

"I love watching tutorials on the internet, trying to copy what they’re doing by studying it," she told us. "I’ve always been into doing my makeup but it’s difficult. It’s a fun challenge. Hair is the biggest thing where I don’t know what the hell I’m doing."

Could've fooled us considering her strands at the party were totally on point. So what's been Orrantia's biggest DIY beauty triumph?

"A lot of the eye shadow blending," she says. "I just bought a Morph palette and their brushes. You wouldn’t think eyeshadow brands make a difference but they really do. So for me the minute I got a layered eyeshadow look I was like, 'Yes!'"

Orrantia and the rest of The Goldbergs cast recently headed back into production for the fourth season, which will kick off September 21 on ABC, and while the show still has a definitive 80s vibe, the 22-year-old says her character Erica's beauty look has gotten a lot more contemporary over the years.

"It has gone from very, very 80s to toning it down to be almost a little more modern," says Orrantia. "Adam F. Goldberg (the show's creator) always said he didn’t want it to be the 80s show. He wanted the 80s to be a setting. So I think that’s why our looks, especially for AJ (Michalka) and I, have really been toned down."

One aspect of the show that isn't slowing down is Orrantia's opportunity to show off her musical chops. She says there's lots of opportunity for that in the works, which she's psyched about.

"Season one I said if there’s ever a chance, just let me know," she says. "I didn’t expect anything. It amazed me they were able to write that into my character and that it’s been going so well that they continue to do so. I’m very happy."