By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated Sep 06, 2016 @ 10:15 am

There's the smoky eye and the cat eye—and even the puppy dog eye—but the "helix" eye is giving all the others a run for their creative money. To be fair, it's not necessarily a look you'd wear on the regular, but it is certainly one that'd earn you a bounty of compliments and admiration.

Instagram user @glowawaymeg posted what's now been dubbed the "Helix liner" both to her IG account and to Twitter. Naturally, people became instantly enamored and were thereby inspired to do their own take on the twisted, spiraled eyeliner look.

For example, Reddit user @PongACong posted an image of her own helix liner look—a thick black eyeliner with a bright, electric blue helix. Reddit user @CoffeeMermaid had a gorgeous interpretation of the look, as well, which involved an iridescent, metallic purple helix hugging a black wing.

When asked how one even begins to attempt the helix liner, @CoffeeMermaid wrote, "All I did was a super long wing with black liner, then took a white water activated paint and did the squiggles, then went back over the black & covered up parts of the white with my eyeliner."

We're also digging the "twist" that Reddit user @not_acatlady took on the helix liner. She turned her helix into a green snake, complete with snake head.

Talk about a perfect look for a Halloween party. BRB perfecting our winged liner so we can attempt this one.