Scary gorgeous.
Rainbow Hilighters - Lead

As far as highlighters are concerned, the Internet continues to one-up itself. The geniuses over at Bitter Lace Beauty invented the rainbow highlighter that had everyone freaking out, and now they're kicking it up a notch with a spooky twist on the best-seller just in time for Halloween.

Regardless of whether you're a fan of all things horror-filled or not, this is the kind of All Hallow's Eve accouterment that everyone can get behind—themed highlighters. Bitter Lace Beauty has several stunning compacts they're set to release in early October, including one called Hocus Pocus imprinted with a spider web and another called Toothache that will totally make you crave candy corn.

And wait 'til you get a hol of Killuminator—take a look at this swatch—it says it all:

Just when we think there couldn't possible be a more creative way to do highlighters than what already exists, Bitter Lace kills it (pun intended) yet again. The brand will also launch their first ever liquid illuminizer with Put a Spell on You, which is just too pretty for words.

Hopefully we won't need a magic spell to get our hands on at least one of these beauties next month.