By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 17, 2016 @ 11:15 am
Mike Marsland/WireImage

We've seen a lot of big beauty moves from supermodel and social media star Hailey Baldwin lately. And while the "Rachel Green" cut probably touched our '90s-loving hearts the most, and the ModelCo. makeup collab showed us she's taking after her talented friends (you know, Gigi and Kendall?) in dominating the world, this particular transformation might be her most drastic yet.

As we were scrolling through our Instagram feeds this morning (as one does at 9 AM, obviously), we saw this pic of Hailey...bleaching her brows! Hailey owns almost all of eyebrow awards in our book, so this was a major shock and we immediately started investigating. Right after NYFW, Hailey headed over across the ocean for London's shows, and it seems like these bleached brows are a product of the Matty Bovan fashion show.

"Lol. Only for you @kegrand

#bleachedbrows @babbym," she wrote in her Instagram pic caption. Hailey also documented the entire process on Snapchat, showcasing literally every step of the eyebrow transformation. You can see the final look below, too.

Of course, it wasn't a permanent look. Soon after debuting the look on the runway, Hailey posted yet another Snapchat where she was back to her dark brunette brows for a different show. FYI, she opened and closed (yeah, we know, NBD) the Julien Macdonald presentation.

Girl is on a roll! Oh, and her eyebrows look grand.