By Wendy Rose Gould
Jun 08, 2016 @ 10:30 am
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Not all makeup storage solutions are created equal. For example, Langforth has some truly covet-worthy cosmetic organizers available that not only affordable and seem effective, but are gorgeous. We love that all the acrylic pieces go well together, and that many of them have lids or covers that keep dust and grime from collecting on your precious beautyblender or expensive makeup brush collection. You know that's a legitimate problem. 

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This one was filled with the loose, glossy pearls that allow you to store your brushes upright. The lid also seems easy to open and close, though we haven't given it a test, and this style comes in both small and large for a more customized purchase. Definitely intriguing, no? 

Here's an option for your lipsticks and, again, it comes with a lid. Talk about storage eye candy.

For a multi-item storage option, try a cube organizer. As you can see from the contents inside, this is a pretty massive storage container, but the acrylic allows you to see everything so it's more organized.

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How pretty is this storage option for your cosmetic blending sponges? Note the little air ducts to allow your sponges to air out after they've been cleaned. Now that's impressive.