How to Create a Bronzy Glow for Your Next Summer Wedding

Hello, summertime dewy-looking skin.

How to Create a Bronzy Glow for Your Next Summer Wedding
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If it hasn't happened yet, your mailbox is probably soon going to overflow with wedding invites, as all of the engaged couples (there are so. many.) finally get their nuptials on the books. There are micro weddings. Destination weddings. Masked weddings and, yes, still some virtual weddings. And we are going to be prepared after a year and change of lost time.

So, yes, we'll be slipping our vaccination cards into our purse and taking them along with us to all the in-person summer weddings we can. However, with many of us spending most of our time inside for the past however long, it's safe to say we'll have to fake that warm, sun-kissed glow. That doesn't mean go lay out in the sun without SPF. Instead, we want to help you create instantly bronze, glowy skin using products that A) won't give you a sunburn and B) can be washed off before bed.

Here, we've rounded up a few of our favorite makeup products to help give you the summertime glow of your dreams, before you head off to your first wedding of the season.

Step 1: Foundation

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation

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Whether you're the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest, all perfect glows must start with the perfect foundation — literally and figuratively. And Armani's cult-favorite Luminous Silk is the right girl for the job. Pick from over 40 buildable shades that will leave you with a natural-looking, your-skin-but-better finish.

To shop: $64;

Step 2: Bronzer

Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer

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Whatever your skin tone may be, Fenty Beauty's got a bronzer for that. You can use this product on top of your foundation, or in place of your contour. Either way, this will help to give you a sun-kissed look — without the UV damage.

To shop: $30;

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Step 3: Highlighter

Maybelline Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter

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With four shades to choose from, Maybelline has a highlighter for everyone, regardless of your skin's tone or undertone. To apply, simply use a fan brush to blend the product into the high points of the face (think upper cheek bones, temples, nose, etc.). When you're done, expect to be obsessed with your dewy glow.

To shop: $10;

Step 4: Eyes

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quads

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If you're into sunset eyes, one of Instagram's buzziest beauty trends this season, then this is the palette for you — even if you're not a pro when it comes to eye makeup. Simply apply each shade where directed, then finish off with your favorite mascara or pair of falsies.

To shop: $5;

Step 5: Lips

NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Lipstick

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Nude isn't a one-size-fits-all kinda deal, and NYX is well aware. That's why the brand's Lip Lingerie Lipstick comes in a whopping 12 shades. Use this long-lasting product as the last step in makeup routine to seal your new bronzy glow with a kiss.

To shop: $7

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