By Erin Lukas
Updated Aug 01, 2017 @ 11:45 am
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Glossier Powder - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy Glossier

Loose powder is the confetti of beauty products: it's seems like a good idea before the house party's started, but post-rager you'll find random colorful flecks from your good time on your floor for months. No matter how hard I try, whenever I use loose powder it always ends up on my shirt, my bathroom sink, or tile floor.

Good news for myself and challenged loose powder-wearers everywhere: Glossier launched a loose powder today and its packaging solves the struggle of the mess we make every time we use the product.

The brand's Wowder weightless finishing powder may be housed in the brand's signature millennial pink packaging, but what sets Glossier's powder apart is it's domed pot and trampoline mesh applicator. To use it, you tap a powder brush onto the mesh to release the powder. This game-changing way of dispersing the product guarantees that you're always getting just the right amount of powder you need, and the excess slides back down into the pot through the mesh rather than sitting on top, waiting to fall everywhere except on your face.

As for the actual formula, it's hypoallergenic, and free of talc, fragrance, parabens, and isn't tested on animals. Wowder has a demi-matte finish that sets makeup in place while simultaneously cutting shine and reducing pores all without getting cakey. A cocktail of kaolin clay, vitamin E, and diamond powder make up the secret sauce that enables the product to achieve such tough feats.

Wowder comes in a trio of available shades: light/medium, dark/deep, and rich. All three of the sheer colors have adaptable pigment levels so that they go on undetected on a variety of skin tones.

There's also an accompanying brush, too. The Wowder Brush is a cruelty-free, dense, blush brush that's tapered to make targeted powder application easy.

My plans for the day when I first tried Wowder entailed walking around Soho on a sweaty afternoon with a friend. Once I got home, the one of the first things I did was look in the mirror to check in on my makeup situation. I was surprised that a cakey mess wasn't starting back at me. My makeup stayed in place, and the powder didn't emphasize my oxidized concealer or pores. In fact, the miniscule, light-reflecting particles in the powder may have added even more dewiness to the highlighter I applied on my cheekbones before heading out.

Confession: I may actually said "Wow" out loud to my empty apartment.

Glossier Wowder Weightless Finishing Powder is available for $22, or $35 with the Wowder Brush at