By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Aug 28, 2017 @ 12:15 pm
Glitter Hands Lead
Credit: Getty

Glitter tears. Glitter beards. Glitter lips. Glitter boobs. The grandma in your head is probably screaming, "Where will these kids put glitter next?!” Well, the answer to that question is on their tongues, Granny.

While this isn’t entirely new to the Internet, it seems like Australian makeup artist Jacinta Vukovic kicked off the trend on Instagram once again after accidentally getting glitter on her tongue while doing a lip look. Instead of wiping it off (or spitting it out?), she wrote on the social media platform that she decided to “embrace it and make it the main focus.” Now, it’s the Internet’s main focus, and older snapshots of this creation are reemerging.

But should you try it? It’s safe to say it’s slightly impractical, but when paired with a rich, pigmented lipstick, or even a bare-pout, it does make for a good picture—you know, if that’s your only goal for pulling together a new look.

It might not also be the safest beauty trend to hop on without doing some heavy product research. According to PopSugar, who spoke with the makeup artist, she used Lit Cosmetics in Barbie Shops, which is a vegan and hypoallergenic beauty brand.

Before dumping on packet of the shimmery stuff all over your tongue, we recommend making sure that it’s non-toxic. If you want to be super safe, chat with a doctor. For real.

The safest option besides not doing it? Go for edible glitter, like the stuff used to decorate cakes to eliminate all chances of danger.