By Wendy Rose Gould
Oct 27, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

If there's one thing we know for certain, it's that you can never have enough glitter. Especially during the holidays, are we right? And just as we enter what could very well be dubbed the "glittery season," a new brand known for its intensely glittery products has emerged.

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Meet Lemonhead, a Los Angeles-based indie beauty company that's gaining quite a bit of attention for their uniquely textured "SpaceJam" ($25;

It's essentially a makeup-grade glitter paste, or pomade, that you can apply anywhere your heart desires a little bling. Part of the reason SpaceJam is gaining so much momentum is because it's not loose glitter. That means it's less messy, applies more evenly, and sticks wherever you put it.

One of our favorite things to do is discover amazing editorial makeup artists and @violette_fr is one of the best. Thank you Violette for believing in us and using our product to create your art. ✨💄 #spacepaste #spacejam #editorial #glitter #nyc ・・・ Just got these new babes from . And I can't wait to play with this on set. This incredible glitter cream texture drives my crazy ! Maybe that's gonna be in my tutorial about "how to have a jewelry effect on your eyelid ..." 🤗✨✨ will you guys be into that ? -Violette

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SpaceJam comes in all sorts of colors, including "SeaPunk," an aquamarine; "Paradise Beef," a rich bronze; "Gildebeest," a true gold, "Gunshow," an inky black onyx; "Midnight Society," a holographic silver; and lots more. You can also buy a set of five, or customize your own. You'll also be excited to hear that each individual pot costs an easy $25, so it's super affordable.

And if that's not enough sparkle for your average Thursday (because why would it be?), you can make your hair match your lids, you can coat your strands with Major Moonshine Glitter Gel

All the more reason to decorate yourself with ALL the glitter!