By Wendy Rose Gould
Jul 28, 2016 @ 9:45 am

Galaxy freckles are cool and all, but let's take a second to talk about just how enchanting glitter freckles are. This whimsical makeup look conjures up images of fairies and mermaids and magical, imaginary creatures, but we love just how wearable the look can be in real life, too.

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OK, so maybe you shouldn't go to the office sporting a rainbow dusting of glitter across your nose and cheeks... But a music festival or evening out on the town? Yes, please. If you need a little glitter freckle inspo, you can take your makeup cue from these talented makeup artists below.

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We're getting a Pokemon-meets-Lisa Frank feeling from this makeup look created by @xxanemia.

This look created by @hulloivy proves that glitter freckles are appropriate for daytime wear, too.

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Faux freckles topped with shimmery gold glitter freckles? We can't get enough.


I base my whole makeup and outfit around my wigs nowadays 😄 Wig @powderroomd 🙌 #glitterfreckles

A photo posted by Promise Tamang (@promisetamang) on


And this subtle sparkle? So good. 

Would you wear glitter freckles out of the house?