Shoppers in Their 60s Say This Fran Drescher-Approved Primer Is the Key to Smooth, Long-Lasting Makeup

Laura Geller’s Spackle Primers are on sale. 

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Fran Drescher Approved Primer
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There are few people who live rent-free in my mind the way Fran Drescher does. As someone with a nasally voice, I'm frequently told I remind people of The Nanny star. But even if that weren't the case, there is no TV character's wardrobe I pine over as ceaselessly and intensely as Fran Fine's.

The Nanny has been off the air for over two decades, but I pay attention to Drescher's red carpet appearances, eyeing both her fashion and makeup choices. If you, like me, have seen a photo of her and wondered how she's keeping her complexion so vibrant and smooth, part of the answer is Laura Geller's Spackle Primer.

Last year, cosmetics brand Laura Geller announced that Fran Drescher would be the new ambassador for its Spackle Primer collection. There are five primers in the range: hydrate, champagne glow, mattify, ethereal rose glow, and original. In an Instagram video, the 64-year-old actress is seen holding and using the moisturizing and replenishing hydrate version. She says that when she uses it, she "skips moisturizer because it has hydrating properties." Before the video ends, she adds that the primer keeps her makeup looking "bright and beautiful all day long."

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Spackle Super-Size Face Primer

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Several of the 1,855 five-star ratings are similarly from shoppers in their 60s and 70s who swear by this product. One 65-year-old reviewer wrote, "I have fine lines, especially around my eyes, and my make-up isn't staying in place." The reviewer added that when they use the primer, however, "everything glides on wonderfully and stays in place all day… my concealer doesn't settle or puddle in the fine lines around my eyes." Another 78-year-old reviewer wrote that although they were hesitant about using it on aging skin, "after using Spackle one time," their skin "looked beautiful."

Not only will you not regret this purchase, but according to these rave reviews, after experiencing the long-lasting age-defying benefits, you'll be back for more. Head to Amazon to find your Fran Drescher-approved Spackle Primer match for $32.

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