Patrick Ta - Makeup Artist
Credit: patrickta/Instagram

You’re one step closer to stealing Shay Mitchell and Gigi Hadid’s glam squad. Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta, known for his ability to create goddess-like luminous skin and smoldering smoky eyes, has launched an app that’s going to make beauty product shopping a whole lot easier.

It’s called Flawless by Patrick Ta, and it’s basically like having him by your side when you’re struggling through Sephora. Launched at the end of June, it features beauty tutorials that he’s created for celebrities like Sofia Richie and Karlie Kloss, along with the exact items used to get the look. Here's already teased a few of the breakdowns, like this emerald eye moment below, on Instagram.

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There’s also a section that gives you the lowdown on some of his all-time favorite products, and one that rounds up all his best tips and exclusive behind-the-scenes picks. Only downside? There is a tiny price-tag associated with having a pro's advice at your disposable. To access the features, the app will cost you $6 a month. Still, that might be better than making a mistake on a $45 bottle of foundation.

Though we think it's safe to say that the hassle to find a highlighter capable of generating a supermodel-esque glow is officially over.