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Lipstick Layering - Lead
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You layer beauty products on the reg, whether you realize it or not. The moisturizer you apply over your serum and then the mist you apply over your foundation at say, 2 PM? The works of layering, ladies and gents. But did you know you can also layer up your lipstick for a totally unique (let’s call it bespoke) beauty look?

Yes, friends. Yes, you can.

And like we mentioned before, my bet is that you’ve already tried your hand at it. Because applying lip pencils and then a lipstick over top to copy Kylie totes counts.

To learn more about layering lip products and product customization (move over, monograms!), we caught up with celebrity and editorial makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, who mapped out a few layering situations that are easy to achieve. Like actually easy. And no, you won’t have to stand in front of the mirror for 45 minutes.

Red Lipstick + Black Eyeliner or Dark Red Lipliner = Vampy Lipstick

So you want something a little more vampy but you haven’t yet found your go-to berry lipstick shade? You’re not stuck with a crimson red pout, though that doesn’t sound all that bad, TBH. According to Katie, you can put your eyeliner to use. Yay multitasking.

"The easiest way would be to wear a dark red lipliner, or if your brave, a black eyeliner pencil under your fave bright red to make darker and more vampy.”

Tricks of the trade.

Concealer + Lipstick = Big Time Lipstick Color Payoff

Sometimes you want your lipstick to pop even more. Well, here’s another out-of-the-box way to give you intense color payoff. Katie says you should first neutralize the color of your lips with concealer and a beautyblender. Then, apply your lipstick. "By canceling out your natural lip color, you will get true color from your lipstick,” she says.

Nude Lipliner + Dark Brown Lipliner = 90s Lipstick

Want to create your own custom ‘90s lipstick—something that rivals the supermodels of the greatest decade ever? “A nude hue lipstick over a darker brown lipliner like Charlotte Tilbury Foxy Brown ($22; nordstrom.com) would work nicely. I'm currently obsessed with Lorac Pro Matte Lip in Greige ($18; nordstrom.com),” she tells us.

Coral Lipstick + Red Lipstick = Roarange Lipstick

For that trending red-orange hue that’s perfect for summer, try layering on a coral lipstick to take down the intense tone of a scarlet red. "The tinted Baby Lips balm from Maybelline are great lipstick toners,” says Katie.