It Seems Like Everyone Has False Lashes These Days — Here's Why

There's a reason why they're trending.

It Seems Like Everyone Has False Lashes These Days — Here's Why
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False eyelashes are everywhere these days, and I'm not just talking about in every drugstore or beauty supply outlet 𑁋 I mean, they're literally perched on to the lids of most girls I see. To the point where I'm feeling a little left out, and I'm wondering if I should be wearing false eyelashes on a daily basis, too.

For someone like me who attempts to put fake eyelashes on for a special occasion (and usually struggles) I've been feeling a little envious of all the fabulous eyelashes I've been seeing around, and I'm kind of wondering why everyone is wearing them?

According to Annie Le, founder of Mademoiselle Lash, false eyelashes are literally the single most impactful makeup product to complete your look. "Your eyes set the tone for your finished look, and not even eyeliner can have as much of an impact as false eyelashes," says Le. "Their versatility makes them so popular; you can truly wear zero makeup but pop on a pair of false eyelashes, and you suddenly look like you did your makeup."

Find out everything else you need to know about false lashes, below.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing False Lashes?

If you want to draw more attention to your eyes, it's a known fact that false eyelashes can do the job. "Lashes are a super quick way to add drama to your eyes, they look great on camera and they are versatile," says celebrity makeup artist, Mary Irwin. "From individual lashes, to full strip lashes, there are different ways to accentuate the eyes."

In general, longer and fuller lashes inherently create a very feminine look, and no matter what other options are available i.e. lash growth serums, curling, tinting, and mascaras, there is no product that can get you that perfect longer and fuller lash look better than false eyelashes.

"The lash industry has evolved so much that it can cater to any lash preference, from light and natural to bold and dramatic," says Le. "Even the way you apply false eyelashes has changed so much that you don't need to be intimidated by lash glue, which I think used to be the primary deterrent to wearing lashes."

What's The Difference Between Individual Lashes, Magnetic Lashes and Strip Lashes?

Let's start with strip lashes, as the name suggests, they come on a strip and are applied using eyelash glue. Strip lashes are probably the most common false eyelashes 𑁋 you're probably familiar with them 𑁋 you may have even struggled to put them on! Most makeup artists call these the traditional false lash.

When it comes to individual lashes, Le says there are two types. "There are individual lashes that are literally one hair of curled lash that is typically applied by a lash extension technician, because the base is only the width of a lash hair," she explains. "Then there's cluster individual lashes that can be applied like a strip lash to create a more custom look."

You can also find two types of magnetic lashes, says Le. "Some magnetic false eyelashes are applied using 1mm magnetic bands attached via magnetic dots on the band, and you must apply magnetic adhesive to your lash line to secure them. There are also magnetic lashes that are sandwiched around your natural lashes with attracting magnets on each lash band."

What's the Best Time To Use Each Type of False Lash?

Typically, which lash style you choose depends on how you prefer to apply the lashes and the effect you're going for. Many find magnetic application easier because the liner and magnets attract each other so they are pretty foolproof to apply.

Individual false lashes are for people who want to create their own super custom look and who have a higher level of experience with lashes. Irwin says she likes to use individuals on her clients as they tend to be the most natural looking. "If a client has lashes missing, or I just want to add a little bit of drama, I'll use individuals," she says.

Strip lashes are the classic lash and they work for a million different situations. Applying strip lashes can initially be tricky but the arrival of adhesive liners like Mademoiselle Lash All Day Adhesive Eyeliner removes the difficulty of using lash glue. If you prefer to use clear lash glues and lash adhesives, Le says it's best to stick to strip lashes as most magnetic liners only come in black.

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How Many Times Can You Wear The Same False Eyelashes?

There's no hard rule for how long lashes last, it all depends on how you take care of them. But Irwin says individual false eyelashes should really only be used once because they are very hard to clean and to keep in shape. "Strip lashes can be reused on the same person if you clean them off well using soap, water and 70% alcohol," says the makeup artist. If you're looking for lashes that you can reuse, magnetic false eyelashes are the easiest to keep clean.

Are Lash Extensions Worth The Money?

If you want false eyelashes that you don't have to think about for a few weeks, both Le and Irwin agree that individual false eyelashes applied by an eyelash technician are worth the $150 to $300 cost, as they last three to four weeks.

If you don't want to go to an eyelash technician, and prefer to apply your own false eyelashes, Irwin recommends purchasing individual lash clusters which are generally comparable in cost to strip lashes." An individual lash is the most customizable lash," says Irwin, "I'll even cut up strip lashes to individual lash sizes just to get the perfect look. Look for knot free — it means the cluster lays flat against the skin and is almost invisible. I love Lashify and the drugstore versions."

What Are The Easiest False Eyelashes to Apply at Home?

Irwin admits that individual false eyelashes are really hard to do on yourself. "I recommend strip lashes for home use 𑁋 a great beginner lash is the Ardell Faux Mink Wispies," she says. "Every eye shape is different, so I love that Ardell recommends lashes based on what you're looking for. They're a great drugstore option. If you want a more luxurious lash set, Kasha Lashes are great too."

"I love using Mademoiselle Lash All Day Adhesive Eyeliner with my favorite Mademoiselle Lash Mila Lash style for everyday wear or Mademoiselle Tina Lash style for more drama," says Le. "It's the best way to combine your eyeliner and lash glue, cutting down on application time and getting a super pigmented black eyeliner plus lash glue in one easy swipe. There's no waiting for the lash glue to dry; you apply lashes immediately after the liner application, and the lashes literally stick to the liner so well I can apply my lashes with one hand. It's a game changer!"

Le also recommends magnetic eyelashes, as an easy way to apply false eyelashes at home. "The magnetic eyeliner that comes with magnetic lashes attracts the magnets, so the lash clusters are super easy to move. There's no commitment to get it right the first time when applying – not something most people expect when thinking of false eyelashes – and each cluster can be moved and rearranged as many times as needed to achieve your desired look."

What's the Best Way to Apply False Strip Eyelashes?

To apply false eyelashes, Irwin says start by fitting the lashes to your lid. "Place the false eyelash on your lid to see if it needs to be cut to fit your eye, or if you need to curl the lash, because the band may be too stiff," she explains. "If you do need to curl the band, just wrap it around a makeup brush for a few minutes, so it bends more like the shape of your eye. Following this, I curl the lashes, apply the glue to the band, and the important part – let the glue get tacky! This is where most people go wrong, the glue needs to be tacky to stick to your lid."

While the glue is tacky, apply the false eyelashes as close to the lash line as possible, and let them dry. "Once the eyelashes are dry and in place, apply mascara to blend your natural lash and the strip lash together," says the makeup artist. Strip lashes aren't that hard, they just take a bit of practice.

How Do You Remove False Eyelash Strips?

There's the old fashioned "rip them off" technique, but, yikes! Do you know how delicate eyelids are? Irwin says she prefers to use a cleansing balm to soften both the glue and start the cleansing process. "Massage cleansing balm onto the eye area, once the glue is soft enough then you can gently pull them off," she says.

How Should You Care For Your Real Lashes After Removing False Eyelashes?

"I'm a huge proponent of double cleansing, particularly if you're wearing lashes," says Irwin. "My personal favorite that lives in my kit and my shower is Glowoasis Makeupmelt 𑁋 it dissolves mascara in seconds. I also love a lash serum in general to enhance and protect your lashes 𑁋 GrandeLash, Borboleta, and Savanna and Roe all make fabulous lash serums."

The makeup artist also recommends applying a hydrating eye cream to the under eye after removing your false eyelashes. "I love the Glowoasis Refreshing Eye Duo," she says. "The two-piece eye cream and massager set help to firm, brighten, and hydrate the skin while providing optimal absorption."

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